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Getting In Tune

Entrepreneurs Strike the Right Chords To Pursue Their Passion.

We often hear that identifying your passion and pursuing your vision are the most essential steps in launching a successful new business. I came across an article in Entrepreneur recently that struck a chord with me, and I assume many others who understand what a critical a role they play in fulfilling our dreams and ambitions as entrepreneurs.

This article described it best -“Passion is your drive, and ambition, the love of what you do and who you serve that provides you with a very special view of the world that others often don’t see“. Think Elon Musk, who turned electric cars and his drive to do something about the environment into a vehicle for marketing cars beyond cool, Steve Job’s vision of a white phone with one button on the front,  and Jeff Bezos , who had a vision to build an online store that sold everything.

Musk was quoted in this Forbes Article  on his most important mantra for success:

Aim for the stars with your feet on the ground”. 

These entrepreneurs turned their visions and passion into powerful global enterprises.  Today, we see evidence all around us, from mega sized metro area businesses to small town incubators, where entrepreneurs have drawn from their passion and vision to carve out space in their respective market niches.


Here in the Hudson Valley, the father and son team of Ernie and Glenn Palmieri at Bentwood Studios  had a shared vision to teach others about the craft of woodworking, carrying on a family tradition of craftsmanship.

Their passion for perfection led them to launch their business, and today students from all over the NY Metro area take classes at the Bentwood Studio in Kent, N.Y. From crafting custom guitars, to building salad bowls, wine and cheese carts, picture frames, Adirondack Chairs, lacrosse sticks, and more, they help guide aspiring wood workers to carve out their own niche with finished projects they can be proud of.


Not far from Bentwood at Ice Cream Studio 105, the husband and wife team of  Jim and Patty Turco wanted to apply their creative flair for the culinary to hone their craft and open a new business as part of a small town community.  Their passion for starting and running a small business is a return to her roots for Patty,  as her family owned a frozen custard stand in Lake Carmel, N.Y, while Jim, a former carpenter and craftsman, plies a new trade that borrows from his former one.

The Ice Cream Studio offers dozens of delicious ice cream treats handmade in their shop, including soft and hard ice cream, shakes, sundaes, and ice cream cakes for any occasion. Everything they do is guided by old school, tried and true principles, taking personal interest and genuine care for each and every customer. Judging by the crowds who flock to their unique little shop in Lake Carmel who call it a “must stop sweet shop”, they are well on their way to realizing their dream.


Another entrepreneur who has taken his passion and vision to blaze a new trail in education and learning is Rob Kissner, founder and president of the Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, N.Y.

Rob recognized the opportunity to offer youth a collaborative, creative community where parents could have their children learn, explore, and share new ideas, using cutting edge digital media. Today, he has turned his dream into a reality.

The DAE offers a wide variety of courses in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) at their state of the art learning facility in Scarsdale N.Y. to help kids develop social, technical and creative skills, and have fun while they learn.

Rob and his outstanding team of instructors have applied their expertise and passion for learning with a unique project-focused, hands-on teaching approach, and DAE has become the leader in digital arts instruction in the New York metro area youth market.


These entrepreneurs come from completely different backgrounds, industries, and generations. Yet, despite their differences, they share key elements that make their business models work.  What do they have in common?

  1. Their single area of specialization and focus

  2. The ability and desire to execute on their vision to grow their business

  3. An absolute commitment to quality

  4. Their demonstrated ability to support and serve the specific, ongoing needs of their customers with a personal touch that generates referrals organically

Do you know other successful entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their ability to create a new business with passion and vision?

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