"I have known Walter for over 20 years, and have found him to be an engaging and enthusiastic leader, with a deep and broad understanding of business, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Lawrence E. Dwyer, President, Leader Associates


"I've been working with Walter and SmallBall Marketing for many years on various projects, and I would highly recommend him for any entrepreneur or small business looking to grow"

Tara Rainey, Bethany Graphics

"I would recommend Walter and SmallBall Marketing to any entrepreneur or small business owner looking to expand their company, particularly if they want someone who will give them honest insight--complete with metrics and logic but without the smoke and mirrors--into making their company a success."

Kristin Delfau

Owner, Delfau Tax and Financial Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Walter for many years, and he is an exceptionally creative thinker and gifted communicator. He has the unique ability to understand the needs of his clients to create tailored marketing and business communication that always hit the mark.

Laura McNerney

President, Leadership Learning Group 

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