Success may come from big ideas, but small details make the difference. 
A subtle shift in your marketing strategy that puts you on a faster track…
Aligning with a strategic partner to launch a new brand…
The turn of a phrase that cuts the clutter. 


SmallBall Marketing provides creative, customized marketing strategy, communication, and management consulting services for entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals.

SmallBall identifies market opportunities by “sweating the small details”
to position your business for success in hyper-competitive growth markets.



SmallBall Marketing is centered on a simple set of principles:
1. Know your market 2. Laser - focus on quality 3. Sweat the small details 4. Execute your plan.  

Realize your potential, and you will grow big ideas into a successful business!

Walter Recher




To arrange for a brief no cost consultation, contact:

Walter Recher, Marketing and Management Consultant


Tel 845.264.2997

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